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    All bamboo fibre straw sizes are available with or without paper wrapping, subject to availability.

    Promotional Material

    If you are interested in promoting our straws, enjoy two free posters and a bunch of leaflets on us! We're happy to provide free promotional material and only charge for the postage. 

    The posters and leaflets are available in English and German.

    Safe and eco-friendly by nature. 

    Made from finely ground bamboo on the beautiful island of Taiwan, the 2019 reddot award winning bamboo fibre straws are plastic-free, biodegradable and 100% natural. They offer a great drinking experience too unlike paper straws, which often become soft and soggy after only a short use. You'll never experience that with our straws, they're strong and durable, from the first sip to the last! 

    Zero PLA / Zero Melamine

    Whereas Bio-Plastic straws need industrial composting facilities to biodegrade, our straws just need nature, simply because they're 100% natural.

    Made from Bamboo

    Our manufacturing technique supports various kinds of plant fibre, including coffee grounds, coconut fibre, palm fibre, etc. We chose bamboo to be our main material because of its sustainability. Unlike trees, bamboo reaches maturity in just 3 years. There are 185 thousand hectares of bamboo forest in Taiwan, only 11 thousand hectares are needed to supply the 600 billion straw usage in the entire world annually, the burden on the world’s natural resources is therefore minimal.


    Pulp products like paper straws turn soggy and dissolve easily in water and beverages. Plastic films are also applied to expand their durability. Bamboo fibre straws are able to withstand over 24 hours in drinks and have a heat resistance between -20°C to 100°C.


    Paper straws are a popular choice on the market right now, however the process of pulp making results in massive amounts of water pollution. “Dry processing and forming” is our latest and one of a kind invention. This technique does not require any chemicals to destroy the plant structure and also does not produce any water pollution. The processing temperature is strictly controlled under 200°C to effectively ensure low carbon emission. 


    The straws are mass producible and have been independently tested in order to comply with The European Framework Regulation (EC) 1935 / 2004 and hold the associated SGS certifications for food contact materials. Written Declaration of Compliance can be provided upon request by contacting us.

    End of life and recycling

    The straws can be disposed of as general waste and can also be decomposed in the natural environment and water. The straws do not produce any toxic gas during waste incineration either. By disposing them in the ground or landfill processing, the straws start to break down within 45 days. After 90 days, the straws are almost completely decomposed by micro-organisms in the environment. Furthermore, the more micro-organisms there are in the water, the faster the decomposition of the straw. Since the ingredients are all natural, the dissolved substances are returned to the environment and become the Earth’s nutrients.