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    All bamboo fibre straw sizes are available with or without paper wrapping, subject to availability.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Around 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away in the UK each year, contributing to at least 150 million tons of plastic in the oceans. Plastic straws take up to 200 years to degrade, but will never fully disappear from the Earth, as plastics are not biodegradable. To make matters worse, the degrading of plastic releases chemicals that are toxic to wildlife and the environment. 

    Bioplastic straws (PLA) aren’t as eco-friendly as the public thinks. Many biodegradable straws are made of polylactic acid and require very specific conditions to biodegrade. These specific conditions can only be created through industrial composting facilities which are not available everywhere. In the end, PLA straws often end up in a landfill. These straws are nothing more than “guilt-free packaging.”

    Paper straws are also not fit for their purpose. They lack durability and become soft and soggy after only a short use. There is also a misconception that paper straws are environmentally friendly. Paper is made from wood pulp. Strong acid is required to wash away fibres. Leftover acid-water often drains into rivers and soil and harms the environment.

    Bamboo, also known as the "Miracle Grass", grows extremely fast, needs no pesticides and is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic. It can grow up to 3 feet in height in 24 hours. Unlike trees, bamboo reaches maturity in 3-5 years making it super sustainable and the perfect alternative to Plastic, PLA and Paper straws. 

    Bamboo is one of the most, if not the most hygienic material to use in your day to day products. It has been grown for millennia all across Asia without the use of pesticides, is not susceptible to diseases and is rarely attacked by any pests. It has recently been discovered that the reason for this is a unique anti-bacterial agent of bamboo named “bamboo kun”, meaning that the straws are naturally resistant to pests and diseases.

    Bamboo Fibre is made from a combination of 70% finely ground bamboo and 30% natural plant starch.

    Bamboo is collected, dehumidified and mechanically ground into natural plant fibre. The finely ground natural plant fibre is inserted into a specialist molding machine. The result is a 100% natural and durable drinking straw.

    Yes! Our Bamboo Fibre Straws are fully biodegradable and can be disposed of as general waste, and can also be decomposed in the natural environment and water. The straw does not produce any toxic gas during waste incineration. By burying them in the ground or through landfill processing, the straw starts to break down within 45 days. After 90 days, the straw is almost completely decomposed by micro-organisms in the environment. Furthermore, the more micro-organisms there are in the water, the faster the decomposition of the straw. Since the ingredients are all natural, the dissolved substances are returned to the environment and become the Earth’s nutrients.  

    Yes! Our straws are seedling certified. Seedling is an independent third-party certification that verifies the compostability of a product in an industrial composting plant in accordance with the European standard EN 13432. The Seedling certificate does not cover home composting.

    The certification process is conducted by independent certifiers DIN CERTCO (Germany) and Vinçotte (Belgium). In order to be certified compostable, the product must undergo a stringent test regime carried out by recognised independent accredited laboratories. The certification process includes the following procedures: 1) chemical characterisation of the product 2) testing of ultimate biodegradability 3) disintegration under practice-relevant composting conditions and 4) definition of the quality of the compost (ecotoxicity test on two plant species) 5) infrared spectrum recording to enable the identification of the material. Both the evaluation criteria as well as test circumstances and methods comply with the EN 13432. To ensure continuous compliance with the certification requirements regular inspections take place.

    Products that have successfully passed the strictly defined and documented tests and been formally certified by one of the certification bodies may feature the Seedling logo, a registered trademark owned by European Bioplastics. According to European Bioplastics a product marked with the Seedling logo can be disposed of in the biowaste collection. However, regional specifications for the separate collection of biowaste may exist and detailed information can be obtained from the local municipalities or waste management authorities.

    Since the establishment of the Seedling certificate approximately 780 products, 110 intermediates and 330 materials have been certified, including the Bamboo Fibre Straws.


    They are mass-producible and have been independently tested to comply with The European Framework Regulation (EC) 1935 / 2004 and hold the associated SGS certifications for food contact materials. Written Declaration of Compliance (DoC) can be provided upon request by contacting us for further information.  

    We only use materials that are natural, non-toxic and BPA-Free. Consumers wishing to buy Bamboo Fibre Straws can be assured that they are safe for all to use.

     Minimum 24 months.

    The straws will retain their shape for 18hrs + in liquid.

    They are designed for single-use (commercially), but for personal use they can be carefully cleaned and reused.

    They are designed to biodegrade within 6-12 months depending on the environment.

    Lead time from order is 6-8 weeks depending on the order quantity.

    The prices depends on the volume of your order, the shipping destination and import tax of your country. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team.

    Bamboo fibre straws are 100% natural and chemical-free. Due to their completely natural composition and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, you may notice a slight "woody" bamboo aroma, however, this will not affect the taste of your drink in any way.