The sustainable straw with outstanding usability.

Are you interested in switching to a straw that is both sustainable and user-friendly?



Diameter 6mm / Lengths 130 & 210mm 


Diameter 8mm / Length 210mm

Bubble Tea

Diameter 12mm / Length 210mm

100% Natural

Whereas Polylactic Acid Straws (PLA/Bioplastic) need industrial composting facilities to biodegrade, Bamboo Fibre Straws just need nature, simply because they’re 100% natural and free of any artificial materials.


Bamboo Fibre Straws can be disposed of as general waste, and can also be decomposed in the natural environment and water. The straw does not produce any toxic gas during waste incineration. By burying in the ground or processing through landfill, the straw starts to break down within 45 days. After 90 days, the straw is almost completely decomposed by micro-organisms in the environment. Furthermore, the more micro-organisms there are in the water, the faster the decomposition of the straw. Since the ingredients are all natural, the dissolved substances are returned to the environment and become the Earth’s nutrients.  


Paper straws are a popular choice on the market right now, however the process of pulp making results in massive amounts of water pollution. Huge amounts of strong acids that are used cause strong erosion and produce poisonous chemicals. “Dry processing and forming” is our latest and one of a kind invention. This technique does not require any chemicals to destroy the plant structure, but rather by only grinding plant into powder and processing it into natural plant fibre. The whole process does not produce any water pollution. The processing temperature is also strictly controlled under 200°C to effectively ensure low carbon emission.

Made in Taiwan

Our manufacturing technique supports various kinds of plant fibre, including coffee grounds, coconut fiber, palm fiber, etc. We chose bamboo to be our main material because of its sustainability. Unlike trees, bamboo reaches maturity in 3 years, therefore collecting them adequately benefits the bamboo ecology. There are 185 thousand hectares of bamboo forest in Taiwan, only 11 thousand hectares of bamboo forest is needed to supply the 600 billion straw usage in the entire world annually, the burden on the world’s natural resources is minimal. 

Professionally Certified

Our bamboo fibre straws have been independently tested in order to comply with The European Framework Regulation (EC) 1935 / 2004 and hold the associated SGS certifications for food contact materials. Written Declaration of Compliance (DoC) can be provided upon request by contacting us for further information.