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    All bamboo fibre straw sizes are available with or without paper wrapping, subject to availability.

    Jungleware is more than just a brand: it's a lifestyle, a way of understanding life and caring for the environment.

    There is a movement happening across the world and we're proud to be a part of it. Plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today. While one individual plastic straw doesn't create an environmental disaster, it's the scale that creates an issue. 

    About Us

    Founded in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2018, Jungleware is a socially responsible company and supplier of bamboo products made for personal and commercial use. Our manufacturing partner is located in Taiwan and is specialized in transforming bamboo fibre on site. In addition to a new facility, our factory is ISO-Certified, meaning it meets all current safety standards and health codes and engages in social responsibility. All employees are paid a fair living wage and maintain regular working hours and observe holidays. Child labour is strictly forbidden. 

    Our Mission

    Jungleware is on a mission to ensure a healthy planet, free of plastic disposables. Our to-go culture is a worldwide problem and there is a desperate need for plastic alternatives. Our challenge is how to move fast enough to address a problem that's at such a massive scale. We have solutions and now it's a race against time to replace the plastic faster than it is polluting our environment. Our mission is not only to spread awareness of the devastating environmental effects of plastic waste, but to supply businesses with an of environmentally friendly alternative to plastic drinking straws.

    B2B Opportunity

    Jungleware gives you the opportunity to align to an eco-conscious brand, both showcasing your values and presenting yourself as a brand leader for change.

    Our commitment

    - The environment, sustainable development and fair trade are priority issues for Jungleware
    - Respect of health and safety standards
    - Respect for the environment through clean farming methods
    - Value-driven to our core

    - Committed to excellence, innovation and growth

    Would you like to help make a positive impact on the environment? There's every reason to join the alternative straw movement and eliminate the need for single-use plastic straws!

    Join us now and help the world go natural!